It seems like traffic in New Orleans is stalled nearly every day due to an automobile collision. As much as we might not like to think about it, even the most careful drivers among us will likely be involved in a collision with another driver at some point.  Some impacts are mere fender benders, requiring nothing more than a friendly apology or at most an exchange of insurance information.  Other impacts can fall anywhere on a spectrum of frightening, injurious, or even deadly.

Most of us have a basic idea of what to do immediately after the collision.  Safety comes first and the main priority is to evaluate the well-being of yourself, your passengers, and determine whether you are in any continuing danger.  Likewise, most drivers know to communicate with the other driver, exchange insurance information, and contact the police.  However, the next steps are not so well-understood and can have significant legal consequences.  In a series of posts, I’ll talk about some common issues and missteps that can result after an auto collision.